Online on the hook: digital marketing for optimum trade fair preparation

Online on the hook: digital marketing for optimum trade fair preparation

Digital marketing is booming. Nevertheless, “analogue” face-to-face contact at trade fairs is irreplaceable. For many exhibitors, trade fair visitors consist almost entirely of their most important target groups. Nowhere else do they have such a concentrated opportunity to reach prospects, customers, partners or suppliers. In addition to this, trade fair stands provide an opportunity to present products, position oneself as a competent trusted provider and employer, and answer questions in detail. It is not rare for projects and large orders to be acquired in this way. Nevertheless, the success of a trade fair can be increased considerably using digital marketing measures. What can exhibitors do in preparation to increase the number of visitors to their stand?

Take advantage of all the opportunities that the website offers

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to upcoming trade fairs consists of creating a separate landing page within the website with specific information pertaining solely to the trade fair, stand number, exhibits, product news and a contact form to directly make an appointment at the stand.

Using the website and online advertising, exhibitors can capitalize on the search engine hype using trade fair search terms shortly before the start of the event to catapult themselves to the top of search engine rankings and draw web users’ attention to their own content. Videos and images are particularly effective in conveying an on-site feeling at the stand.

Trade fair marketing goes mobile

Before the trade fair, the marketing department has their hands full. Therefore, trade fair marketing should make use of what is already available. If not already available, all informational material should be provided in digital form. And this material should be optimized for mobile devices, so that visitors can access it without problems on their smartphones or tablets during the trade fair.

And, speaking of smartphones, it makes sense to consider geomarketing before the trade fair. Geotargeting can be used to display online ads to specific groups of people, such as those who are currently at the trade fair site. Ticket vouchers or promotions are especially well suited for this, because they give visitors an incentive to come to the stand.

Use the trade fair’s digital marketing services

Messe Frankfurt supports exhibitors with a wide range of digital marketing services. The offering includes everything from images, videos and texts for cross-media campaigns and a digital exhibitor profile on the event’s website to the hugely popular social-media channels, where exhibitors can network with the trade community online even prior to the fair. Click here for an overview of Messe Frankfurt’s digital marketing services.

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