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Digital marketing at Messe Frankfurt: Personal contact digitally enriched

Digital Marketing is transforming the tools of traditional trade fair marketing. This results in more multimedia and mobile applications. Jan Kluge, Coordinator of Online Sales at Messe Frankfurt, explains which marketing services the trade fair provides to trade fair exhibitors and how the marketing mix of organizers and exhibitors is changing due to digitalization.

  • Which digital marketing services does Messe Frankfurt support its exhibitors with?

First of all, we are very active ourselves when it comes to announcing our fairs across all digital channels, whether via online advertising, email marketing, newsletters, social media or other web offerings. This helps exhibitors address their target groups, as our events enjoy a certain level of recognition in their respective industries and exhibitors simply have to attach their own marketing activities to our existing measures.

We provide exhibitors with all the material they need for their own campaigns. This includes logos, posters, email signatures and online banners to attract their customers and prospects to their trade fair presence and invite them to their stand. Our Advertising Services provide exhibitors with classic online advertising in the form of banners on our web portals as well as multimedia advertising for the trade fair’s own radio station or moving images on the multimedia terminals (ePoster) on the trade fair grounds, for example.

In addition to this, we provide all exhibitors the opportunity to create their own digital profile on the respective event website. These exhibitor profiles can be extended as required using add-ons. Exhibiting companies can therefore upload image videos and press material, and enter links to their own social media channels to push their profiles further towards the top of the search results. And last but not least, our B2B supplier portal provides exhibitors the opportunity to present their company as well as their products and services online throughout the year. This platform is becoming increasingly important when it comes to networking before and after trade fairs and entering into business relationships.

  • What kind of digital activities are currently the most important for exhibitors?

These are without a doubt our mobile Navigator apps, which we provide for all trade fairs, as well as numerous blogs and social media channels for all our events. With the apps, we help exhibitors reach prospective customers on site during the fair. And via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the other channels, we lay the foundation for them to network and share with customers, partners and industry experts throughout the year.

  • Which services have been added lately?

In recent years, the mobile Navigator apps have become increasingly important. Visitors can use these to find all the exhibitor profiles with hall maps and as well as information on special events to plan their trade fair visit on their smartphones or tablets and to have all information at their fingertips at the trade fair. The trade fair’s blogs and social media accounts provide visitors with further information pertaining to the respective event, industry topics or selected trade fair highlights of individual exhibitors as well as the opportunity to engage in networking within the industry.

  • What role do mobile digital services play in the marketing mix surrounding a trade fair?

Trade fairs themselves continue to play a central role in the marketing mix of most companies. Personal contact is simply irreplaceable. However, this can now be better prepared, enriched, carried out and evaluated using many digital technologies. In order to tap into all these possibilities, we are in a constant state of development, which includes testing new technologies like beacons and finding out what is possible using trending technology like virtual or augmented reality, so that our exhibitors profit from the entire bandwidth of digital marketing services for their trade fair presence.

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