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#GED17 – successful second Global Exhibitions Day

The second Global Exhibitions Day (#GED17) took place on June 7th. Initiated last year by UFI, the umbrella association for the global exhibition industry, the anniversary this year once again exceeded all expectations. Numerous activities took place around the world, which served to connect the trade fair industry and show the meaning of trade fairs for the respective locations and especially for the globalised economy.

The trade fair industry shows its face

Thousands of messages with video clips, images, selfies and other Messe Frankfurt Digital Services Global Exhibitions dayphotos were posted to Facebook and Twitter with a total reach of several million people over the course of the campaign from April to June. There were conferences, presentations, photo campaigns and quite good media coverage.  In Germany, the AUMA in Berlin organized the forum “Trade Shows as Innovation Hubs” among other things.

Messe Frankfurt India GED Global Exhibtion dayWe at Messe Frankfurt Digital Services published a special newsletter on the topic of the globalised trade fair industry, contributed numerous images and short text segments to the #GED17 news stream, and continued to network with colleagues around the world. A full list of Global Exhibitions Day activities is available from UFI.

In addition,  the Global Exhibtion Day attracted many other Messe Frankfurt US GED17 Global Exhibtion daycolleagues at Messe Frankfurt to participate with smaller campaigns worldwide., for example  our colleagues from India, the USA, Mexico, Brazil or England took part in Global Exhibitions Day with selfies, Facebook or Twitter posts.

Messe Frankfurt Mexiko Gobal Exhitions day

Messe Frankfurt US Tendence GED Global Exhibtion day Messe Frankfurt Automechanika Birmingham GED Global Exhibtions dayMesseMesse Frankfurt Automechanika Brasil GED Global Exhibtions day

Global Exhibitions Day and globalized  trade fairs

We really enjoyed participating again this year. We gained new ideas and are happy about the renewed success of this annual day to celebrate our industry. As one of the trade fair companies with a relatively large number of events in a variety of locations around the world, we welcome this UFI initiative. And, by the way, the Automechanika organized by Messe Frankfurt was held in Birmingham simultaneous to the #GED17. With events in 17 locations, this is one of the most globalised fairs anywhere. The same applies to our textile fairs.


Those interested in further details of globalised trade fair brands should read our interview with Olaf Schmidt.

Here are a few facts that illustrate the size of the global exhibition industry and the continuing importance of face-to-face contact for the globalised economy.

Exhibitions- The Power of Face-to-Face-Globalization-trade-shows-Global-Exhibitions-day

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